Will HGH Make You Feel And Look Younger?

Growth Hormone and Youth

Growth hormone is the vital pituitary secreted hormone that is responsible for the growth that occurs as a child matures into a full sized adult. Without this hormone a full stature cannot be achieved. The hormone remains an essential health promotional hormone for adults who have stopped growing as well; and a deficiency in growth hormone will result in a number of severe health deficits.

Growth hormone plays a number of very important cellular and metabolic processes, and boosting levels of growth hormone can make a person look and feel younger.

Growth hormone is now synthetically reproducible in a laboratory. This synthetic growth hormone is and exact molecular replica of the endogenous growth hormone secreted by the pituitary, and once in the body is indistinguishable from the original.

Health problems associated with a growth hormone deficiency

Growth humane deficient patients will often present with an increase in adipose tissue (fat) and a decrease in levels of lean muscles, and by extension muscle strength. Growth hormone will also regulate the levels of cholesterol within the body. Growth hormone deficient patients will present with excessive levels of bad LDL cholesterol and a reduced level of good HDL cholesterol. This is quite serious and leads to an increased risk of a number of cardiac problems.

Growth hormone is also responsible for the cell regeneration and mineral density regulation within the skeletal bones. People with a deficiency in growth hormone will often present with weak and brittle bones that fracture easily.

Growth hormone will also improve cognitive functioning and increase general levels of psychological well being. Growth hormone deficient patients treated with supplementary growth hormone report that they fell sharper and more cognitively alert, and also experience an increased level of psychological well being.

Many of the signs and symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency in young adults are to become the normal signs and symptoms of aging as these adults get older. It’s not surprising that the symptoms of young adult growth hormone deficiency and aging are similar, as we age; we all experience a decrease in our natural endogenous levels of growth hormone.

For this reason, there has been intense clinical interest over the last few years about the potential that supplementary growth hormone for sale therapy offers as an anti aging medication.

The medication is not yet FDA approved for use as an anti aging medication, but the therapy is FDA approved safe for growth hormone deficient adults.

Health benefits of growth hormone therapy for older adults

Older adults who take growth hormone can expect to see a number of concrete benefits, and will look and feel years younger. One prominent researcher has commented that 6 months of growth hormone therapy seems to erase 20 years of aging.

Fat loss and muscle gain with HGH

Because our levels of endogenous growth hormone decrease as we age, we (like other growth hormone deficient patients) tend to start to show increased fat around the mid section, and a decrease in muscle levels and muscle strength. Almost universally, patients who start growth hormone therapy achieve a dramatic bodily composition transformation. There will be a dramatic fat loss, and an equally dramatic increase in levels of lean muscle.

Growth hormone reduces the fat stored in the body through a mechanism of action over lipid metabolism. After beginning growth hormone therapy, less dietary calories will be stored as fat, and more of the body’s existing fat reserves will be used for energy.

Growth hormone therapy almost always induces substantial muscle growth. There is a reason that professional athletes risk their careers to take the performance enhancing growth hormone; the muscle building results are dramatic. Our bodies normally lose the ability to grow new muscle cells shortly after puberty. With growth hormone for bodybuilders, you will once again grow new muscle cells. You will also experience increased cellular growth of existing muscle cells. Your body will respond to moderate exercise with dramatic lean muscle growth.

Every pound of lean muscle will require far more caloric energy each day than the equivalent weight in fat, and thus, as you increase muscle, you continue to lose fat. People who initiate growth hormone therapy will change their bodily composition, without altering their dietary intake.

Improved skin tone because of HGH

Growth hormone therapy can also improve your skin tone and remove wrinkles. Wrinkles occur in response to environmental damage to the skin. As we age, our bodies lose the ability to repair and regenerate skin cells, and environmental damage accumulates in the skin, with the outward symptoms of a loss of skin tone, elasticity, and an increase in wrinkles. Growth hormone therapy will once again allow your body to regenerate and repair skin cells, and the result of this cellular repair will be increased skin tone and elasticity, and a loss of visible wrinkling.

HGH Increased energy levels

Older adults do not have the same levels of energy that they did when they were younger. Growth hormone therapy can increase energy levels. A growth hormone steroids deficiency reduces cardiac efficiency. Supplementing low endogenous growth hormone levels will improve left ventricle mass index scores, and other measures of cardiac functioning. It will also restore more optimal levels of cholesterol ratios. The result of increased cardiac functioning is a greatly increased energy level.

HGH Bone strength improvements

One problem that plagues older adults is a reduction in the mineral density and strength of the skeletal bones, and osteoporosis is an endemic problem with older seniors. Boosting your levels of growth hormone will restore much of the bone mineral density that is lost as we age. A recent study has shown that 6 months of growth hormone therapy restored almost 15% of bone mineral density in the spinal cord of observed clinical trial participants. Doctor’s are very excited about the possibilities of hormonal therapy to increase the overall health, and reduce the likelihood of injury, amongst older adults.

There have been few studies done on the improved cognitive and psychological effects of growth hormone therapy, but there is strong anecdotal evidence that supplementing growth hormone levels has a positive impact on the mind. Older adults report that after beginning a course of growth hormone treatment, they felt sharper and more alert, and also experienced a boost in psychological well being.

Aging presents universally with a number of symptoms, and these symptoms seem to be very much alike to the symptoms of a growth deficiency in younger adults. Small dosage therapeutic regimens of growth hormone supplements have shown a very positive effect on the health and well being of older adults.

Speak with your doctor about growth hormone therapy

If you think that you may be an appropriate candidate for growth hormone treatment, you must first consult with your doctor. Growth hormone is available only by prescription, and there may be some people who are not eligible for the therapy. Be sure to inform your doctor fully of any pre existing condition, as well as your complete medical history. You should also fully disclose any and all other prescription and over the counter drugs that you are talking.

There may be some side effects as you begin a course of treatment, but for almost all people the positive effects far outweigh the minor side effects experienced. These side effects are normally associated with water retention in the extremities, and these side effects can normally be eliminated through dosage modifications, or dosage reductions.

You will need to submit to regular consultations and examinations with your doctor during a period of growth hormone treatment, and if you experience any severe or allergic reactions, you should seek immediate medical attention.

The therapy is administered through a series of daily self injection, and your health care team will train you on how to safely and effectively administer these self injections.

You will need to store the hormone exactly as directed. The medication is very fragile, and if stored outside the optimal temperature range, or even if excessively agitated, can be degraded.

Growth hormone in summary

Growth hormone therapy can be a way to look and feel younger. You will have more energy, increase your muscle mass and decrease you fat, and improve your cholesterol and bone mineral densities. If you think that you would appreciate these benefits, then you should discuss your hormone therapy options with your doctor.

Aging is inevitable, but with recent medical science breakthroughs, you can reduce and delay the negative health consequences of aging for many years.

Growth hormone therapy is not the fountain of youth, but it is the closest available treatment to it.

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