HGH Dangers and Side Effects

It is always advisable to talk to your own doctor as newer, updated information may be available. Since the 1950’s, continuous and dedicated studies have been made for Real prescription HGH through the use of HGH injections. The effects thereof, have been well documented.

There are people out there using these studies as their base to prove that their product follows the same results. However, this is misleading considering the manipulative nature of this comparison. It is as though airplane statistics have been used to prove the qualities of a car. It is not just insubstantial, but also highly misleading.

HGH Side Effects

A good example of this theory would be quotes found on the Internet quoting medical experts on researches done using high dosage prescription HGH injections – without disclosing the fact that the benefits quoted were the results of studies done on the injectable form. Their intention is to fool the end-user on thinking this applies to their product as well.


The biggest concern today is to question what really is in most of the fly by night hgh supplements which are popular on the internet as well as readily available in health food stores or cheap prescription injection bottles. The suspicion factor grows for websites allegedly selling prescription brand injectable HGH. Few seem to be imported from foreign countries, even though this fact is cleverly hidden. The basic facts such as originating pharmacy, prescribing doctors or their qualifications and even addresses of such clinics – are too not disclosed.

Today, we’re also aware of known counterfeits and there are many known cases of U.S. Pharmacists as well of cutting (diluting) drugs for extra profits.

Besides the brand of spray one regularly uses, one should strictly avoid any other pill, powder, spray etc – and also not recommend the same without a thorough individual lab testing. Not following this pattern could risk one to endanger themselves to products and companies making ridiculous claims with no meaning to most physicians and legitimate scientists – and some may even be quite dangerous.

HGH Injections

The benefits clearly overweight the side effects from injections. Since prescription injections are quite strong – more than what your body is naturally capable of making, they should only be taken with a doctor’s advice or supervision. Else the body’s own natural mechanism for making it and its other secondary produce, like IGF-1, might shut down its natural production since it is being supplemented from these injections.

HGH Spray:

There are no serious side effects noted from these sprays unless some harmful substance is present in the bottle or is bacterially contaminated.

IGF-1 Spray:

There is not enough information available on this spray, and that in itself is a good sign to stay away from it. Some are from animals which is dangerous in its own for known implications like CJD (mad cow).