HGH Scams and Counterfeits

The primary advice is to consult a physician or an anti-aging medical specialist. There is, indeed, no substitute for seeking professional help when it comes to HGH.

Correct Procedure

HGH levels start to deteriorate in the body around the age of 30. Most users may start of using the spray after hearing about it – either being over 30 or starting to see or feel the effects of aging. This is convenient because of its availability without prescription or health exams.

However, when patients are in question, the matter is complex.

A lab test is the starting point. Considering what the patient requires, it can be as little as a saliva test for IGF-1 (an HGH marker). This assists to determine the level of HGH and if there is any deficiency. At this point one can consider and discuss precursors, sprays, HGH injections etc. depending on what the patient needs and desires.

Depending on the results and the analysis, the doctor may recommend the oral spray unless there is a severe IGF-1 deficiency or any other special case. The test may be repeated in 3 to 6 months. If the low level maintains, he may prescribe HGH injections.

Before prescribing these injections, he will check for tumor or cancer history and they are contraindicated if such is an issue. Taking it further, for a full health and longevity workup, one can be tested for liver enzymes, neurotransmitters and other indicators. Mental age or functions can be looked upon as well.
Some people may opt for IGF-1 sprays or other HGH related products from off the internet or in health food stores. These are strictly not recommended for a number of reasons.

Advice for HGH Injections:

If one is doing hgh injections on their doctor’s orders – remember that discount store pharmacies vary from state to state. Their stocks and orders vary and you may never know which one to trust. In fact, some prescription GH may be from countries not subject to FDA regulations and inspection – so it is advisable to steer clear of such risks. So even though these might be cheaper, always prefer those from major US pharmaceutical companies.

Advice for HGH Spray:

Research has led us to believe that a balanced combination of other ingredients, including peptide chains, are responsible for the benefits of GH, not the GH itself (other than injections). So while some sprays may be successful for other reasons, there is no unbiased, legitimate study that HGH can get into the body through the lining of the mouth.

Warning Signs of Scams

There are a lot of great sounding super cheap deals on the internet and stores. But these can be scams and potentially harmful products. Remember to consider the following signs before blindly following their claims:

The claims of being a doctor can be just a gimmick to create an illusion of credibility and trust. It is advisable to look for a bio or information on what kind of doctor they are. Someone can have a PhD in ancient literature, or be a minister – to be legally called a doctor. Be clear with the facts before trusting anyone with your life.

Counterfeited products are popular. Even the bottle and label can look just the same as the genuine ones, even though the ingredients aren’t.

Other Signs:
Most banks don’t allow new online businesses selling HGH to get credit card processing due to the massive charge-backs many of them get for the junk products they sell or for not sending anything. Since they take the money and run away, this keeps the banks and customers without anything to hold on to.

Another bewildering sign is when a company sells these products far cheaper than their competitors, or if deals like two for one are on offer. Even wholesale on one or two bottles in suspicious. Also, watch out for recommendations from so-called HGH experts. Verify what makes them the experts.