Get the Facts About Human Growth Hormone with HGH Research

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is used by the body to develop muscle and grow. HGH is most abundant in children and young adults who have not reached their growth potential, but is also widely used by athletes and other people to build muscle. HGH research gives us the facts about the use of HGH and how it affects our bodies.

How HGH is Made?

When you read through HGH research, you will find that there are several main ways that HGH is manufactured. The most common way that human growth hormone was manufactured in the past was through the use of animal hormones through recombinant processes. This method was largely discontinued after 1985, when it was discovered that using animals for HGH caused an illness that is fatal in children.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Growth hormone research today focuses on a safer method to allow the body to create its own HGH through the combined use of amino acids. By taking several different amino acids on a regular basis, the body can begin to product its own HGH. This is a more natural way to build muscle, and HGH can also work to combat aging. In a sixty-year-old, for example, the levels of HGH are about one-fifth of the level of a twenty-year-old person.

Steroids and GH

Research has shown that human growth hormones are steroids, and can therefore have many of the side effects of steroids. For example, massive muscle gain is one side effect, as is mood swings and rage. If you are considering HGH supplements, make sure that you have researched your options carefully. Most steroids are only used for medical treatments, such as allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses and other diseases and conditions.

HGH Research has shown steroids such as the human growth hormone are useful in treating conditions such as lupus and asthma. Most steroids are illegal for use without a prescription, however. Anti-aging research has shown that HGH can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and aid in increasing bone mass if taken in small doses regularly over a period of time. There is the general belief that growth hormone may slow or even reverse the aging process.

The Future of HGH Research

HGH research is focused on using this hormone to reduce aging, increase fertility and libido, and assist both men and women with gaining muscle. There are some who feel growth hormone replacement therapy should be combined with other therapies for the best results in reducing the signs of aging. As of right now, however, GH and other steroids are used only for medical illnesses, not as a preventative medicine that can reduce illness, disease and aging in the future.

HGH research is expanding day by day. For now, the most effective HGH treatments must be injected, and are taken on a regular basis to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. HGH in large doses, however, can be counterproductive or even fatal.