The Various Types of HGH Products

The most common misleading factor used on the Internet is found amongst the salespeople using quotes from medical researches conduced using high dosage prescription hgh injections. Although that information proves purely the injectable form, these people represent it to prove that their product has the same result, even going as far as to use the exact words from the research.

Clinical research done legitimately is exhaustive and expensive, and often quite hard to find researchers for. Whatever the reasons may be, there isn’t any major clinical research completed on any other HGH product.

So what one is left with is testimonials whose authenticity is highly suspicious. However, this does not mean that all the testimonials are false or doubtful. One must have an open mind when dealing with such issues and be informed enough to judge the different between fact and fiction.

Following are the four basic types of HGH products.

HGH Injections

With enough trials and research to back it up, the injection form of HGH is the tried and true method. It is what is backed by most research and has been around for decades.

In fact, this explains why most major pharmaceutical companies make human growth hormone for HGH injections. These were originally developed for children with growing disorders that were due to the lack of the hormone as their pituitary gland wasn’t manufacturing enough, or as much as was required. In fact, it is still the primary reason for its existence and use.

Doctors proceeded to study the effects of HGH on health and aging. The research was very impressive. However, it wasn’t going to be available to the general public for quite some time, at least not legally.

In fact, for a while, HGH injections were illegal in USA. Someone intending to use it would have to get it illegally from some other country. However, now it is legal – but only with a prescription. Use for anti-aging and longevity purposes was essentially a discovery of ‘side effect’ and is still in its off-label usage stage.

HGH Supplements Types

HGH injections are usually given or taken on a daily basis or even several times a week. One might have to visit the doctor to get the injection every day. Other doctors might prescribe self-administration and teach you how to go about doing it yourself. This procedure is similar to diabetes patients giving themselves daily insulin injections as this too uses the same fine, tiny needles or syringes. The invention of the HGH injection pen has made self-administration far less complicated.

Previously, HGH injections were the only way to absorb the human growth hormone. This was extremely expensive, ranging around five hundred to thousands of dollars a month – depending on factors like where you buy it from, or if you have a clinic administer it and monitor your results.

HGH Spray

The claim nowadays is that oral products can make growth hormone absorbable. This may or may not be true. There is no such research to prove it even if there is anecdotal evidence suggesting it. An ever-growing popular way of supplementing hgh at lower levels (more natural levels), is either through precursor supplements, or oral sprays that may or may not be based on real synthesized human growth hormone, or a molecularly modified form of HGH.

There is a problematic situation – most sprays don’t even contain any form of HGH, but some do. The regular HG hormone is so large that it normally must be injected. However, the question does remain – has anyone discovered a successful method to make HGH orally absorbable. Or even absorbable through the stomach? They are very close to various alternatives such as those, for insulin. So HGH may not be far behind.

What remains highly questionable is the manufacturers who claim to use the real HGH, but instead just add some other substance to their mix, claiming it makes it absorbably. Even though there isn’t substantial authenticated clinical proof of this, the possibility cannot be ruled out. The pharmaceutical name of human growth hormone, is Somatropin. However, if it has been molecularly bound to a delivery system to make it orally absorbable, then technically, you could say it isn’t Somatropin anymore. However, it would still be correct to say that the final product does have HGH, even if it isn’t called that.

According to some experts – while some sprays may contain some real unmodified HGH, the Human Growth Hormone can’t make it into your body orally. Even though the pharmaceutical companies are working on it, but so far – it hasn’t happened. Such work is primarily being focused on for an alternative to insulin injections for diabetics, but because of the molecular similarities to HGH, if they can make insulin deliverable in a non-injectable, they should be able to do the same for GH.
Some brands of HGH spray claim they use alcohol or even MSM as a delivery system. Experts say that no amount of alcohol, MSM or similar derivatives will work as a carrier.

HGH Spray Doses
The doses of HGH in the spray used are usually in nanograms, much lesser than the typical injection doses. HGH dosage may vary from person to person. One should use the lowest dosage that works for him/her. The best way to determine this would be to analyze the before and after lab testing by the doctor. You should oly be supplementing HGH if you have an HGH deficiency. This deficiency slowly begins to develop around 30 years of age and continues to get worse as one gets older.

HGH Releasers or Precursor Supplements

These sprays, pills and powders claim to make your body produce more of its own natural HGH. If there is truth in this claim, then this is the most natural and safest option. It is a good idea to get your body gently producing more and getting back gradually to the level the body was at when you were younger – in a natural safe manner.

Homeopathic HGH

Finally, there is the homeopathic form. Since they lack solid unbiased research, there is not much data to prove its efficiency. But experts in the field do say that it cannot be done because of the way homeopathy allegedly works – by giving you very minute dilutions. So currently one would not recommend it.